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Dev Diwali Rangoli

Dev Diwali Rangoli Images

Dev Diwali RangoliDev Diwali Rangoli

Dev Diwali Rangolis can be made using different materials such as colourful rangoli powders, ground rice powder, flowers and diyas. Though it is called by different names in different Indian states it is made with common intention which is to bring good luck. You just need to load it with varieties of colours to make it look extravagant. There are some things common about every Dev Diwali, that we do not want to replace, no matter where we are or who we are with. Earlier, rice flour was used to create rangoli designs as it also acts as a source of food for insects and birds. It makes us hold onto the traditions that we have been following from our childhood, and that brings us closer to our families and our memories. Today, rangoli designs are made using colored rice, dry flour, colored rice, floating diyas, colored sand, flower petals and a burst of colours. In this article, we have added some of the best and common Dev Diwali designs.

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