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Vasu Baras

Vasu BarasVasu Baras

Vasu Baras Meaning

Vasu Baras Date

This year Vasu Baras fall on 4th November 2018 on Sunday. In Hindu calendar it is fall on 12th day of Krishna Paksha.

Vasu Baras Tithi

Ashvin Krushna Dwadashi (Twelth day of the dark fortnight of the Hindu lunar month of Ashvin).

Vasu Baras History

Vasu Baras is first day of Diwali is dedicated to the worship of Cows. Vasu Baras is celebrated by the name of Vasu Baras. We celebrate Vasu Baras at the farm by bathing and garlanding cows and offering them sweet delicacy of Puran Poli. Bagh Baras is one name as the changeless celebration inside Gujarat State.

Vasu Baras Celebrations

The Vasu Baras festival is celebrated with great pomp and ceremony in all parts of the country. Cows are worshiped as holy mothers because they offer nourishment to human beings in the form of milk. Women, on Govatsa Dwadashi, observe a fast for the well-being of their children. This is also known as ‘Govatsa dwadashi’ and ‘Guru Dwadashi’. On this day the cow and calf are offered pujan.

Vasu Baras Significance

The significance of observing Vasubaras is also very interesting. On this day as part of the ritual they worship the cow and calf and this vrat is known as the Nandini Vrat in Dhodia tribal villages in Gujarat in great fashion. ‘Vagh’ here refers to repaying one’s financial debts.

Vasu Baras Rituals

On this day, married women (also known as soubhagyavatis) partake only one meal and worship a cow which has a calf, either in the morning or evening.

Vasu Baras Worship

Many people were seen today worshipping the cows, calves and other cattle, feeding them Moong etc. The women folk are treated with utmost respect. They are offered new clothes and jewelry. On Vagh Baraas, cow and calf are also worshipped. This vrat is known as Nandini Vrat.

Vasu Baras Puja Time, Muhurat and Panchang

Year : Vilambin
Vikrama Era : 2075
Saka Era : 1940
Ayana : Dakshinayana (South hemisphere)
Ritu : Sharada
Month : Ashwina
Paksha : Krishna Paksha
Days Since Kaliyuga : 1869963.27713
Julian Day : 2458427.27713
Hindu Panchang Sunrise : 06:39
Hindu Panchang Sunset : 17:30
Sun in : Tula
Moon in : Kanya
Hindu Panchang Moon Rise : 03:01:10
Hindu Panchang Moon Set : 15:39:53
Ayanamsa (Lahiri) : 24°06’56?